World Cup matches with the most goals

7-5, 10 to 1?! Is is possible in a football match? And in the World Cup? Yes, it is and it was, check out the World Cup matches with the most goals.

Ouch: Yugoslavia 9 – 0 Zaire

9 goals in a match and all of them scored by Yugoslavia. Poor Zairians wish they could forget this fateful match that was part of the 1974 World Cup held in West Germany (tournament winners).


9 goals: France 6 – 3 Germany (German FR)

In Sweden 1958 and nothing less than competing for the third place, two giants faced each other but ultimately France won. Germany was playing as the German Federal Republic at the time.

The tournament was won by Brazil.


9 goals: Germany (FR) 7 – 2 Turkey

For a group 2 match, Germany beat Turkey 7 to 2 in the 1954 World Cup hosted by Switzerland.

The Germans would end up taking the big prize home, winning a final game that is now known as “the miracle of Bern”.


Ouch again: Hungary 9 – 0 Korean Republic

The Koreans started with the wrong foot in the 1954 World Cup, losing by 9 goals against Hungary. The only other time that there’s been a 9-0 score has been the Yugoslavia – Zaire case in 1974.



Last 9 goals for the first World Cup: Argentina 6 – 3 Mexico

In the Estadio Centenario of Montevideo, for the first World Cup ever (Uruguay 1930), Argentina faced Mexico and beat them 6-3. It’s the last match (so far) with “only” 9 goals, because there have been others with even more!

The host country would win the tournament, the first of two in its history.


10 goals: France 7 – 3 Paraguay

It’s been the only time that there’s been 10 goals in one match in the history of the World Cup: France beat Paraguay for Group 2 in Sweden 1958. But they would also score 6 goals against Germany in another match with 9 goals!


11 goals: Hungary 10 – 1 El Salvador

Hungary would do it again: In the Nuevo Estadio of Elche, Spain, the Hungarians (who had scored 9 goals against Korea in 1954) beat El Salvador 10-1 in the 1982 World Cup.


11 goals (with Germany losing!): Hungary 8 – 3 Germany (FR)

It’s 1954, the Swiss World Cup, group 2 and a match that would make history: the Germans losing in a match with 11 goals!


11 goals, so close! Brazil 6 – 5 Poland

In France 1938, the Italians would end up getting their second World Cup title but there was another exciting moment: Brazil beat Poland in the first round in a match with 11 goals… but this time, it was so close!


The match with the most goals: 12

The 1954 World Cup featured a lot of goal-filled matches and the quarter finals game was one of them: Austria 7 – 5 Switzerland (the host country!) is still the match with the most goals in World Cup history.


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