Useless but cool facts about Android for non-geeks

Some fun facts about Google’s OS that any person can find interesting, not only tech fans.

Android is male; a female robot is a Gynoid

A cool fact for those interested in language: The word android originally referred only to a male robot, since it was coined from the Greek root for “man” or “male”, adding the suffix -oid, “having the form or likeness of”.

A female robot would then be a gynoid, but the term android has spread so much that nowadays it’s used in reference to human-looking robots in general.


It’s named after Andy Rubin

The co-founder and former CEO of Android, Inc. was nicknamed “Android” by his Apple coworkers due to his love of robots, and that’s why it eventually became the operating system’s official name.


Not all Android versions feature names of desserts

All Android versions since 1.5 have featured names of desserts, such as Cupcake and Gingerbread.

But before the company was bought by Google, there were a few versions that didn’t have a name or were referred to as something completely unrelated like 1.0, sometimes called “Alpha” or “Astro Boy”.

They have all been in alphabetical order, though.


Easter eggs in Android

Each Android version features an Easter egg which can be revealed by continuously clicking the OS’s version number in the “About” screen. (It won’t work if your phone has a custom interface such as MIUI or EMUI, though).

Go try it now!


The mascot is called Bugdroid

Most people think that the name of Android’s mascot is also Android, but it’s actually called Bugdroid.


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