Things you (probably) didn’t know about iconic children’s cartoons

Cool things you may not know about cartoon characters you grew up watching.


Scooby-Doo’s original title

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! aired for only two seasons but it has been part of the childhood of many generations. It also became a big franchise and led Hanna-Barbera Productions to create other series with similar concepts.

Scooby and the gang’s adventures were originally titled Mystery Five, and later Who’s S-S-Scared?


Is Bugs Bunny a rabbit?

Well of course, you might say. But it’s actually not entirely clear. Although the word “bunny” is part of his name, many of the cartoons starring Bugs included the term “hare” in the title (although it could be just for the sake of wordplay).

Defenders of the “hare” theory claim that Bugs does have features such as long ears, longer hind legs, and gray fur, typical of hares and not of bunnies.

Maybe we can just call him a “wabbit”?


Sonic the hedgehog’s voice

You might not have heard of Jaleel Ahmad White but you’ve definitely heard of (and maybe watched) Steve Urkel.

The actor has played Sega’s famous mascot in all of the American produced animated series starring Sonic the hedgehog. He even voiced Sonic’s brother Manic and sister Sonia on Sonic Underground.


Mickey Mouse’s voice

You see Mickey Mouse and you can immediately hear his voice in your head. Did you know that from 1928 onward, the famous mouse was voiced by his creator, Walt Disney himself? It was a task in which Disney took great personal pride.

Sadly, by 1946, the cartoon mogul was becoming too busy with running the studio to do regular voice work… and it’s also speculated that constant smoking had damaged his voice over the years, so veteran Disney musician and actor Jimmy MacDonald became the voice of Mickey.


How old is Spongebob?

Our beloved Spongebob is over 50 years old …even though he was supposedly born in 1986! How is this possible?

SpongeBob’s driver’s license has appeared in the series, stating that his birth date is July 14, 1986 (which would make him over 30 years old). However, creator Stephen Hillenburg has joked in interviews saying that the character is 50 in “sponge years”.

According to him, SpongeBob has no specific age; we just know that he is old enough to live on his own while still attending boating school.


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