Strange, funny, or cool hashtags to follow on Instagram

Everyone and everything is on Instagram and sometimes it can feel like a little bit too much. Forget #funnycat or #Kanyedoingthings; a few cool hashtags to follow on the social network.


Do you see a ninja turtle? I do too.

“Admit it, you see a face” is the Twitter bio of the famous account “Faces in things” (@facespics). But #facesinthings is also a cool hashtag to follow if you spend more time on Instagram.

After you see them, you can’t un-see them!



Featured on Instagram’s official blog in 2012, Raphaël Liais’s project consisted of snapping photos of empty chairs in Casablanca, Morocco and tagging them #emptychairsproject.

The collection grew and he created an account for it, @emptychairsproject (now dead). He’s moved on but the hashtag is still standing strong with other Instagrammers taking pics of every interesting group of empty chairs they can find.



Another dead account but the hashtag has a whooping 4 million pictures.

However, the results are totally mixed: the original idea was to take a picture of your feet/shoes, that is, of the exact place you were standing on. Lots of the results you’ll get will still follow this trend but the rest will be just photos of things people are seeing “from where they stand”.



#airportcarpet is a pretty straightforward hashtag. After you discover it, next time you’re at an airport, you’ll probably notice the carpets.

It used to be an account too, but it hasn’t been updated in years. However, you’ll find more than 8,000 photos containing the hashtag.



You can follow the hashtag but it’s even better to follow the account.

“Miserable men” is a hilarious collection that features men standing, sitting, and yawning a lot or falling asleep in public.

The account’s bio is: “Men that went shopping. It’s a global epidemic.”, probably due to all the pics of men waiting for someone (presumably, wives and girlfriends) surrounded by lots of shopping bags.


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