Movies you hated before they were even released

Some movies (and books, and comics) have true fans who will immediately hate any remake or adaptation of their favorite work; even before they’re released! Here are some examples that made the internet and social media burn.

(Female) Ghostbusters

While it’s not technically a remake but a reboot of the franchise (that is, if fans allow the producers to make a sequel), an all-female Ghostbusters was probably not a good idea.

Fans had been waiting for years to see the original cast make a comeback, and were even willing to see new, younger actors play the same roles. But turning Egon, Stantz, and Venkman into three girls was unacceptable.

Not even cameos of Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray could save this one from social media haters.


Casino Royale: a blond Bond

No, just no. That was the initial reaction of almost every Bond fan when Daniel Craig was cast as the most suave agent ever, 007.

“Bond is not blond”, you’d read on forum threads after this first pic was released. And those comments were usually supported by extracts from Ian Fleming’s novels where he described Bond’s features or by photos of Pierce Brosnan who might not be your favorite 007 but definitely looked more like the original character than Craig did.

Nevertheless, Craig proved everyone wrong with a fantastic performance in his first entry -also one of the best adaptations of Fleming’s work. After that, no-one had a problem with a “blond James Bond”.


Spice World

Oh, the nineties. When you could hear about a Spice Girls film and find it perfectly normal.

Still, at the time, everyone knew it was going to be horrible and it was. A nonsense movie filled with cameos of famous people that nobody would watch nowadays. Would you? If you’re still considering it, just watch the trailer -legendary 007 Roger Moore and Bond theme included- and tell me.


Battlefield Earth (Star Wars, only better)

That’s what John Travolta famously said when he was marketing Battlefield Earth. That it was “like Star Wars, only better”. If you were a fan of Lucas’s iconic franchise, you already hated the guy and the movie. If you were a Travolta, Tarantino, and/or Pulp Fiction fan, you had every reason to be excited (wink, wink, irony): Battlefield was also “like Pulp Fiction for the year 3000”.

The actor owed everything to the film and director that had resuscitated his career but let his passion for Scientology get in the way. The book it’s based on was actually written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Sam Raimi lovers and fans of the first trilogy hated, hated, hated The Amazing Spider-Man right after it was announced. Why do we need a reboot? Nobody’s going to do it better than Raimi. Etc.

Guess the same thing will happen when someone picks up the Batman franchise after Burton and Nolan. Be prepared.


Fifty shades of Grey

Many (female) readers around the world were waiting for an adaptation of the sexiest best-seller in years. However, they had all pictured a perfect Christian Grey (whether it was a famous actor, their next-door neighbor, or some creation of their minds). Nobody was going to be up to their standards.

And that’s what happened when the leads were announced: some people disliked who they’d picked for the role of Anastasia Steele, others hated the guy who played Grey, and the rest weren’t happy with either of them.

It’s hard to please the crowd.



If we have a Marvel character on this list, we need one from DC. And it’s not just the actress who played Catwoman the people didn’t love; they hated the movie too. Before and after it was released.

Halle Berry -Oscar winner and all- was just wrong for the role. People still had Michelle Pfeiffer in mind and, again, Hollywood was changing a legendary comic book character’s race.

Nothing was going to save this kitty from bombing at the box office.


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