Most annoying behavior from The Voice judges

If you love The Voice (US, UK, or any other version), you probably have a favorite coach. And then there’s a coach you can’t stand, or maybe there’s just something you hate that they all do. Here are the most annoying things coaches do on The Voice.

Sing during a blind audition

Don’t you just hate that? If they do that, we can’t know for sure if the contestant is any good -and neither can they, and that’s supposed to be their job!

Many coaches have done this, for example Jessie J (UK), David Bisbal (Spain), and Mika (France). When Jennifer Hudson, after being on The Voice UK, joined the US version, some tweeters complained:

“She annoying. I want to watch ‘The Voice’ not listen to her sing and show off about how her voice is so great. Jennifer do your job and judge. Let the contestants sing.”


Turn as soon as they hear the song

Sometimes it’s funny and surprising to see a coach push the button as soon as they hear the first beats. Maybe it’s because it’s their favorite song (or one of them) and they just can’t help it. They want that person just because of their song choice.

An example would be Piero Pelù (Italy) turning after he identifies “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin (so funny how he says “ma vaffanc*lo”, i.e. “f*ck it”). In this case, it turned out right for him because he took Giacomo Voli to the final two.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s a scream / loud singing bit from the contestant that they hear and they already think the person is valuable so they push the button. Sadly, some of these performances just go downhill from there… but they’ve already turned! So they’ve got to stick with them while the other judges look at them like “nice going”.


Dance together

Oh, boy. This one is international too. There’s always one coach who starts dancing and stealing the spotlight from the contestant or -like the video above- two coaches who dance together (in this case, Jennifer and Garou from The Voice France: La plus belle voix, also featuring Louis Bertignac approaching the stage and kneeling before the contestant!).


Kneel before a contestant

Yes, it was an awesome performance but did Jessie J have to practically beg the contestant to choose her by approaching the stage and kneeling before him like a desperate woman? Neither the first nor the last time we’d see this on The Voice.


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