7 Internet slang terms people use too much

The web is the cradle of 21st century vocabulary. A lot of terms and phrases have been born on the web, but which ones are used too much?


Really? Is it that important for you to show people you were the first to comment? Same goes for “Second”, “Third”, etc.

It’s great when the “First” comment isn’t actually the first one, or when you’ve got two or three “First” comments.



The problem isn’t LOL, it’s what surrounds it. First, when people write comments with lol every two words. Same goes for XD: “lol that was great XD i couldn’t stop lolling. LOL XD” (not a real example but hey, it could be).

Then, you’ve got monstrous deformations such as ROFLCOPTER. Yes, usually featured in full caps. But the worst of them all is people actually saying “LOL” out loud, be it “lawl” or L-O-L, instead of, you know, just laughing.


“That’s what she said.”

Probably coined by Mike Myers in “Wayne’s World” (we still use phrases from the ’90s!) “That’s what she said” is actually pretty funny (see video); the problem is it’s overused (also see video). I’ve even heard youtubers saying it after a character in a video game said something in a different language.



Please, people, stop saying YOLO all the time. Yes, “you only live once” is a great sentence with a lot of meaning, but it completely loses it if you say it before you’re about to bungee jump, eat a giant piece of cake, or enter a mysterious door in a video game.

YOLO has apparently replaced “Carpe Diem”, which everyone seemed to say a few years ago. It can also mean You Obviously Love Oreos.



English, like many other languages, is a rich one. Why we have to listen or read creations such as “amazeballs” amazes me. Also “awesomesauce”.



Also “teh internets” or “teh internetz”. It may have been funny once, but it doesn’t sound clever anymore.



Epic win, epic fail or just epic. Everything nowadays is f-ing epic. Again, the word is fine but there are so many synonyms and it’s so overused, it’s annoying.

Epic win, epic fail, hoy en día todo parece ser épico. Como en las demás, el problema no es la palabra en sí, pero hay tantos sinónimos y se abusa tanto de ella que termina siendo molesto.


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