IKEA product names and their meaning

The company’s founder was dyslexic so he needed a code to classify the products. Check out this list to know the meaning of those strange names you see all around you while shopping at IKEA.

Scandinavian places

IKEA is Swedish but many of their products have names from other Nordic countries as well:

Dining tables and chairs are Finnish and Swedish places, while hall furniture, beds, and wardrobes are named after Norwegian ones. Carpets? Danish places.

Also, bathroom storage and accessories have received the names of Scandinavian rivers, lakes, and bays, while garden furniture features the names of Scandinavian islands.


Back to school with IKEA

Swedish people can keep studying while shopping at IKEA: Curtain accessories are mathematical and geometrical terms and kitchens are grammatical terms.


Animals for children

Products for children usually feature the names of animals and adjectives.


A total mix

Some categories feature very different names, such as bed linen, covers, pillows, and cushions (names of plants, flowers, or precious stones) or lightning, which can go from music terms to seasons, months, and days; and from chemistry or meteorology to nautical-related terms.


Male and female names

Fabrics, materials, and curtains have (Swedish) women’s names.

On the other hand, desks and chairs have men’s names, such as the desk called Micke (short for Mikael, Swedish for Michael).


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