Fun facts you (probably) didn’t know about Marvel Comics characters

Fun, strange, cool facts related to some of the most famous comic book characters created and published by Marvel.

The Punisher is the president of the Philippines

The president of the Philippines (who you may have heard calling Obama a son of a *****) is known as The Punisher in his home country.

His real name is Rodrigo Duterte, and the Marvel-related nickname comes from his known fight against drugs and crime in the Philippines. You’ll even see t-shirts featuring Duterte as The Punisher, and even other iconic fictional characters such as Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry.


Hitler is alive… in the Marvel Universe

Adolf Hitler’s consciousness lives on inside the Hate-Monger.

The first one is believed to have been the real Adolf Hitler (in the world of comics, of course). Right before he died, the Hate-Monger managed to transfer his consciousness into a clone’s brain thanks to Dr. Arnim Zola, who wanted to keep the Führer alive indefinitely.

The character has perished several times but his consciousness has always remained, prolonging his existence.


Why Stan Lee put a hyphen in Spider-Man

Sometimes it’s really small but it’s always there.

The “father” of many of the world’s greatest comic book characters, Stan Lee, decided to put a hyphen in Spider-Man so people wouldn’t confuse him with the already-famous Superman.

Spidey’s colors being blue and red -the the same as the Man of Steel’s- and his name also starting with an S, made Lee decide to separate the words a bit.



Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics. Not only that: he wanted to play Spider-Man.

Many people don’t know that MJ was a big comics fan. At one point, there were even rumors about him being cast as Professor Xavier on the X-Men films. But Stan Lee has confirmed that the character he really wanted to play was Spidey.

Both legends, Lee and Jackson knew each other, and the latter even worked with Stan Lee Media and tried to buy Marvel Comics in the ’90s, just so he could play the part.

Lee has even stated that the King of Pop “would had been very good.”


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