Final words of famous people

Mysterious, inspiring… these are some of the most interesting last words spoken by famous artists, actors, and musicians.

Elvis Presley

“I’m going to the bathroom to read.”

In her 2014 memoir, Ginger Alden revealed then-fiance Elvis Presley’s final words right before going to the bathroom where he died in 1977.

Oh the irony: the King of Rock and Roll died sitting on the “throne”.


Frank Sinatra  

“I’m losing.”

Some websites state that it was “I’m losing it” but according to CNN at the time of his death, these were his last words as reported by his wife, Barbara Marx, who was at his bedside.

Sinatra could have meant he was losing his mind (he had been diagnosed with dementia) or the fight against his illness since, at 82, he was still encouraged by his wife to “fight”.


Steve Jobs

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

Steve Jobs’s mysterious last words according to sister Mona Simpson.

Apple’s much-lauded CEO had once memorably described death as “very likely the single best invention of life”.


Joe DiMaggio

“I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.”

His last words according to his lawyer.

“Joltin’ Joe” is one of the most famous baseball players in history but he’s also widely known and remembered for his lifelong devotion to Marilyn Monroe.

Their marriage didn’t last long but DiMaggio stayed close to the star throughout her life, taking care of her. He even claimed her body and arranged her funeral when she passed and never remarried.


Michael Jackson

“More milk.”

But not the milk you’re thinking of. According to Dr. Conrad Murray, the King of Pop “was pleading and begging to please please let him have some milk because that was the only thing that would work”.

The “milk” he was referring to was propofol, the powerful hospital anaesthetic Jackson overdosed on the day he died.


Winston Churchill

“I’m bored with it all”.

Winston Churchill was 90 years old when he died of a stroke in 1965, and he had lived through everything. That’s why he was probably bored with it all.


Jane Austen

“I want nothing but death.”

Many Brits’ favorite author, Austen’s last words were spoken to her sister Cassandra just before she died from Addison’s Disease in 1817. This is according to a letter that Cassandra Austen sent to her niece following Jane’s death.


Salvador Dalí

“Where is my clock?”

After his wife and muse, Gala, died in 1980, the eccentric Dalí went downhill rather quickly. He finally died of heart failure in 1989, his last words reported as “Where is my clock?” which makes you think of his famous painting.

However, the artist -who would always come up with strange answers during interviews- had once stated: “I do not believe in my death.”


Pablo Picasso

“Drink to me.”

“Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)” is actually the name of a song by Paul McCartney and Wings, released on their popular album Band on the Run. McCartney wrote it based on the artist’s last words, which apparently were: “Drink to me, drink to my health. You know I can’t drink anymore.”


Bob Marley

“Money can’t buy life.”

You’ll see lots of t-shirts and posters with this phrase, reggae legend Bob Marley’s last words.

He died in 1981, aged 36, from a malignant melanoma. On his deathbed at a Miami hospital, Bob Marley said those last words to his son Ziggy.


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