Ways every Youtube channel ends up being the same old thing

Isn’t it great when you discover a Youtube channel that seems to be exactly what you were looking for? But what happens after a few months? Your favorite youtuber changes things up a bit; and then more and more until it offers exactly what the rest were already offering and is not original anymore. Here are some examples from different areas and topics.

The fitness/foodie connection

If you follow youtubers who are trainers, you might also be interested in eating healthy, but sometimes you’re getting that info from other channels (on Youtube or not) so all you want to get from it are exercise videos.

However, most youtubers who start a fitness channel and at first upload, let’s say, two videos per week, will end up switching one of those for a healthy eating video. And that’s a fact.


The fitness/motivation connection

Motivational speeches can be great during a tough exercise routine but many youtubers (mostly female) end up uploading more motivational videos than fitness videos, probably because they’re easier to make: they can just stare at the camera and speak for hours.

That’s why lots of them even create a separate vlog channel but sometimes it looks like their main channel, which was supposed to be about sports and fitness, is their vlog.


The opinion/humor connection

Just like with video games, many youtubers who talk about politics seem to think that they’ve got to be funny to be popular, or otherwise viewers won’t be able to “handle” their strong, sometimes controversial opinions.

A well-explained point of view will definitely grab viewers’ attention and you don’t need humor to get your message across. You will probably infuse more respect if you do it that way, taking important things seriously.


The video game/humor connection

Oh boy. It seems like you can’t have a video game channel and not make jokes. Apparently, “letsplayers” think that they’ve got to try to be funny even when they aren’t.

They shouldn’t try so hard and be themselves or eventually, their channels will look exactly like the rest. Haven’t you noticed that many of them look like clones of already successful gamers, yelling at the screen and making dirty jokes? And why do they all dye their hair green/blue/some other crazy color?


The humor/video game connection

On Youtube, humor and video games (or video games and humor) seem to go hand in hand, and that’s a problem. It’s OK for gamers to be funny, but why does everyone need to be turned into a gamer?

There are many youtubers with true talent for humor who have succumbed to temptation and have created a separate channel -or even worse, have turned their funny channels into gaming ones.

A great example is Germán Garmendia, a Chilean youtuber present twice on Youtube’s top 5 channels with most subscribers worldwide: he abandoned his first channel which had already gathered 32 million subscribers (!) and created a separate channel dedicated to gaming, which has now turned into… well, basically, him doing anything. Most of his subscribers can be considered “true fans” because they seem to be alright with it.


Those dreaded ads

One of the worst things that can happen to your favorite channel: it becomes famous.

We all want our favorite youtubers to be successful because otherwise, they’d stop making videos. But when they become famous and people start subscribing and watching like crazy, they start adding advertisement, sometimes to each video they upload.

The channel changes completely: shorter videos, lots of ads (before, during, and after), better quality vs. losing their original charm… sometimes, it all goes downhill after that.


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