Embarrassing moments: Drunken politicians

A list where you’ll never find Trump but don’t worry: all the alcohol “the Donald” doesn’t drink can be found among the rest of politicians. Don’t miss these embarrassing and usually hilarious moments.

Sarkozy after a meeting with Putin

This news host says that he can’t wait to show France how Nicolas Sarkozy behaved after a meeting with Vladimir Putin in which they drank everything but water.

It’s impossible not to laugh at the Alors (So) at 0:34 with Sarkozy wondering what he’s supposed to do at the press conference.


Spanish president: Let me drink

“Who told you that I want you to drive for me?” and “the glasses of wine that I have or don’t have to drink… leave me alone and let me drink them”. As amazing as it sounds, it’s a politician saying those words, José María Aznar, former president of Spain. The video is usually slowed down to make him sound like he was drunk while he was speaking. However, the one on this list is the original one.

Drunk or not, the message he sends to drivers isn’t so great. But take into account that he was speaking at a Wine Academy that had just handed him the medal of honor…


Japanese Prime Minister falling asleep

A round of applause to the person filming who, starting at 1:06, shows us a close-up of Japanese Prime Minister Shoichi Nakagawa falling asleep during a conference.

Not only that but it’s believed that he’d had too much to drink due to his slurred speech at this G-7 meeting in Rome.


Spanish politician looks high

Argentinian president Mauricio Macri’s first visit to Spain will never be forgotten by Spaniards. But it has nothing to do with Macri himself.

During a dinner in his honor, the leader of Ciudadanos -a Spanish libertarian party- was caught on camera looking completely astonished. Jokes involving certain substances were all over social networks after it was posted online.


Cheeky Juncker

It wasn’t the first time that Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, looked overfamiliar towards his colleagues. He’s even behaved that way with Pope Francis!

On this video, whose uploader titles “Juncker, drunk during the European Summit in Riga”, he greets people effusively, slapping them and comparing ties (?). His colleagues can’t help but laugh.


Drunken politicians compilation

Many Youtube videos feature moments starring politicians who’ve had too much to drink. This one includes some of the ones mentioned on this list and others such as George Bush and Boris Yeltsin -who doesn’t help Russians shake off their stereotype.

One who never denied it was Belgian politician Michel Daerden (now deceased) who was once asked if he’d had a glass too many before a conference that had been uploaded to Youtube and become viral. His answer: “No more than usual”.


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