Embarrassing fails in tech presentations

It always happens: a company has a new product to show to the audience and during its presentation, something doesn’t work. Some of the funniest and most embarrassing moments in tech products presentations.

iPhone X Face ID fail

The most recent fail on this list is Apple’s new iPhone X Face ID feature failing during the phone’s presentation in September, 2017.

Craig Federighi struggled to unlock the device while demonstrating the new facial recognition software. When you hear the words “Let’s try again”, then you know that you’re witnessing a tech presentation fail and the video of what you’re seeing will be uploaded to Youtube minutes later.

Federighi ended up being prompted to enter a numeric code and had to grab a backup device to continue with the demo.


Windows Phone’s voice recognition fail

Microsoft has had its fair share of fails during demos.

During CES 2012, they had a problem showing Windows Phone 7’s voice recognition feature. What’s awesome is that Joe Belfiore chooses to say “Sounds great“, when clearly, it doesn’t.


ASIMO falls

ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda in 2000. His initials mean Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Well, as you can see in the video, his steps aren’t always “advanced”. It’s so cute and almost painful to see him fall down the stairs.


Translator fail during E3

It’s not always a technology feature that fails; sometimes, it’s us humans. This poor interpreter struggles to do his job translating Suda 51’s words from Japanese into English during the Nintendo Switch presentation.


Faraday Future car fails to park itself

The Faraday Future FF91’s self-parking feature was something everyone was eager to watch. Well, as a Youtube comment states, those were the longest 12 seconds ever.


Kinect fail during E3

Oh, the E3. So many cool things and so many fails. Like this one starring Xbox 360’s Kinect (back then, Project Natal) which “instantly recognizes” you, yeah. And the avatar’s so flexible, too!


Uncharted 4 freezes

Uncharted 4. Everyone was crazy about it. That story, those graphics… and that freeze during the demo at E3 2015.

But Naughty Dog laughed it off and even added a PS4 trophy for recreating this faulty demo! It’s called “Stage Fright” and requires you to stand still for 30 seconds (as you can see in the video).


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