Crazy, creepy pop culture urban legends

These urban legends are crazy, creepy or both. From ghosts to curses, from predictions to conspiracies, here are some of the most interesting.

“Three men and a baby”… and a ghost

This 1990 classic directed by Mr. Spock is still remembered thanks to a “ghost” that apparently can be seen in the film behind the characters. However, now we know it was just a cardboard figure of leading man Ted Danson that was supposed to be used for a scene that didn’t make it to the final cut. Still, watching the video without knowing this is kinda creepy.


Kubrick directed the moon landing

“The Shining”, Kubrick’s masterpiece that Stephen King hates, would be the director’s “confession” for helping stage the American moon landing.

Many people who’ve watched the French documentary “Opération Lune” are sure about it… because they didn’t watch till the end, which features bloopers of the interviewees that clear any doubts about it being a mockumentary. However, the clues Kubrick supposedly left in “The Shining” can be seen in another documentary, “Room 237”.


Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon matches up with The Wizard of Oz

A phenomenon known as “Dark Side of Oz” or “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, this is an urban legend that states that the iconic band created their magnum opus so that it would synchronize with the classic 1939 film.

Even though Pink Floyd members have confirmed this isn’t true, it’s still a funny thing to do if you’re curious about it and/or a fan of both Floyd and Oz.


The Munchkin suicide

The Pink Floyd connection isn’t the only legend related to “The wizard of Oz”. This is another video that can leave you wondering when you see it for the first time, and may help us understand why people believe in these legends.

While the protagonists sing happily, you can see a creepy figure in the back, which is supposed to be a munchkin who decided to hang himself. The creators say it’s just the shadow of a bird… or is it?


Goldfinger‘s golden paint of death

A story that could have been true, because the actor playing the Tin Man from “The wizard of Oz” had to be replaced after an adverse reaction to the aluminum powder in body paint.

But no, it’s not true that the actress painted in gold for Bond’s film died from asphyxiation, as a certain urban legend states.


Errol Flynn was a nazi spy

But, wasn’t he Robin Hood?

In 1980, a biography of the iconic actor was published which stated that Flynn was not only a Nazi sympathizer but a spy for the Third Reich, who might have attended a secret meeting with Hitler himself.

Both the actor’s family and several historians have confirmed that there is no solid basis for this theory.


Disney is Frozen (see what I did there?)

Since we were little, many of us have heard a story about Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen so that he can be resuscitated when a cure for his illness is found. However, records state that he was cremated in 1966.


The Simpsons predicted 9/11

And ebola, and President Trump, and mutant tomatoes… actually, the Simpsons deserve a whole list of their own because people attribute lots of things to them, the most famous being predicting 9/11 in the way the video shows, with the number 9 and the twin towers = 9/11.


An author’s ashes were part of a comic book

A story that’s been confirmed: Mark Gruenwald’s love for comics was so big that the author and editor asked for his ashes to be mixed with comic book ink.

Marvel Comics and his widow honored his decision and his ashes were part of the first printing of one of his miniseries, Squadron Supreme.


“The Omen” curse

Tragic deaths were part of the “Poltergeist” curse but even more are related to “The omen”, another horror classic.

Plane and car accidents, bombs in restaurants where members of the cast and crew were going, a deaths in places related to the movie’s locations, make the arguments of the “Omen curse” hard to refute.


The “Poltergeist” curse, and its two directors

Two urban legends surround Poltergeist, one much more tragic than the other. The first one has to do with an alleged curse due to various deaths, including the 12-year-old girl who played Carol Anne.

The other one asks who really directed the film: Tobe Hooper, who appears as the director in the movie’s credits or Steven Spielberg. There were even serious investigations due to the controversy.


The Disney-Pixar connection

More theory than legend: most (if not all) Disney/Pixar films are apparently connected.

Examples include the witch from Brave being a grown-up Boo from Monsters, Inc. And Frozen, Tangled and The little mermaid being strangely connected.

Some seem far-fetched but it’s undoubtedly an interesting theory (and more favorable to Disney than alleged subliminal messages -mostly sexual- found in their movies).


Stephen King killed John Lennon (WTF)

WTF is the first thing I said when I read about this urban legend. A hardcore believer has even written a book with the connections between Stephen King and Marc David Chapman (mainly, their “resemblance”) which prove that the master of horror and the ex-Beatle’s murderer are the same person.

The theory says that under Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan’s orders, King killed Lennon and his famous 1999 accident that almost cost him his life was a mere attempt to cover the truth.


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