Crazy anecdotes from the world of sports

Some of the funniest, most unbelievable anecdotes from all kinds of sports.

Baby becomes pro soccer player

A toddler was signed up by a Belgian club, FC Racing Boxberg, making him the youngest professional footballer in the world.

The child couldn’t even utter the word “football” (!) but the club’s coach said that it was the obvious choice due to his natural talent for controlling the ball among other things. Bryce was 20 months old when he was chosen to be part of the club.


CR7 gives his agent an island

We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a multi-millionaire… but giving his agent a Greek island?! Now there’s an expensive gift.

The Real Madrid star gave his agent Jorge Mendes a Greek island as a wedding present; according to media reports, its price tag could run into the millions.


Golfing on the moon

The golf balls that Alan Shepard hit on the moon are still there. Even though he was wearing thick gloves and a stiff spacesuit -being forced to swing the club with just one hand- the astronaut managed to strike two golf balls while he was Commander of the Apollo 14 space flight, in 1971.


Skier blames porn for losing

Ah, the Olympic games and sex… there’s always sex-related news when it comes to the big games.

But Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset’s case is one of a kind: the Norwegian skier lost a race (and the gold) and blamed porn. He said it was probably due to “watching too much porn for the last 14 days”.


Ali’s fear of flying

A fear of flying almost cost Muhammad Ali an Olympic gold medal.

The champion -then known as Cassius Clay- didn’t want to attend Rome 1960 because of it. Luckily, he did and won the Light Heavyweight gold medal.

In his autobiography, he mentioned that, shortly after his return, he threw it into the Ohio River after he and a friend were refused service at a “whites-only” restaurant. However, some of his friends have later denied it; others say that he just lost the item.

He would still get a replacement medal at Atlanta 1996 where he lit the Olympic torch.


Footballer thanks his wife… and his girlfriend

“The greatest Man of the Match speech of all time”. That’s what some have called Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas’s post-match speech, where he accidentally thanked both his wife and his girlfriend.

“Firstly, I appreciate my fans. Also, my wife and my girlfriend… Er, I mean my wife -sorry to say… (nervous laugh). I’m so sorry, my wife! I love you so much from my heart.”


Samus Aran named after Pelé

Yoshio Sakamoto and Hiroji Kiyotake, co-creators of Metroid’s female protagonist, have stated that the character’s last name, was taken from Edson “Aran”tes do Nascimento, the birth name of Brazilian football legend Pelé.


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