Awesome facts about famous brands

Did you know you could be drinking “Brad’s drink” right now? Or that you may “owe” your sneakers to the nazis?! Check out these awesome facts about internationally famous brands.

Pepsi was “Brad’s Drink”

Everyone’s favorite drink alongside Coke could have been called “Brad’s drink”. Developed in 1893, it was renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898.

Why Brad? Well, Pepsi’s creator’s last name was Bradham, that’s why. He was the one who changed it to Pepsi Cola, a combination of digestive enzyme “pepsin” and “kola” nuts, ingredients of the drink’s recipe.

We can all agree that Pepsi is a much catchier name!


Nazis created Fanta

We should actually say that Fanta was born “thanks to” the difficulties that its owner, the Coca-Cola Company, faced when it tried to import the product into Nazi Germany during World War II.

Max Keith, then head of Coca-Cola Deutschland, came up with a workaround: to create a new product specifically for the German market, containing ingredients available there.

Fanta also owes its name to them: it comes from German “Fantasie”.


Nazi brothers create Puma and Adidas

Not one but two members of the Nazi party created two major sportswear brands: Adidas and Puma.

Brothers Rudolf and Adolf “Adi” Dassler stopped talking to each other and split their business. That’s when Adolf created Adidas (the name comes from his nickname and Das, the first three letters of his last name) and Rudolf built Ruda (first two letters of his first and last name) -he later changed it to Puma.

Which one is your favorite?


E.T. and m&m’s

Yum, m&m’s. But what do they have to do with Spielberg’s masterpiece?

The brand rejected an appearance of m&m’s in Steven Spielberg’s film; they probably didn’t think it would have the success it had, and must regret it now.

Competitor Hershey did agree to feature Reese’s Pieces in the movie… and saw their sales skyrocket! Now that’s good marketing.


Free Netflix for a year

Myron Robinson made a risky but genius move: He got a tattoo with the Netflix brand name and was rewarded by the company with a year-long free subscription!

He posted a picture on his Twitter account @TheRealMyron to prove it. Of course, he mentioned the Netflix username so they would see it.

Netflix’s response was: “NO WAY! Free year for you.”


Free condoms from Google

No, sorry, not for you and me.

Google hands out free condoms to their employees. They come in blue, red, green, and yellow (the brand’s official colors) and feature their famous phrase “I’m Feeling Lucky!” printed on them.


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